Voices of the Press

Inspired by an almost unlimited joy of playing the music seemed to stream from her soul as from an eternal well. Creating a perfect sound of lucidity the pianist offered her immense range of highly cultivated piano art.
(Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

A brilliant touch, a shimmering piano sound ... Yuka Imamine suceeded in a great artistic revelation.
(Muenchner Merkur)

Imamine`s image of Schubert transcends the limits of time.Bare of sentimentality her Schubert play points to the shady background of Schubert himself.
(Westdeutsche Zeitung)

... from the finest pianissimo to the greatest fortissimo her play has been a noble singing in the spirit of the unforgettable Arthur Rubinstein. ... what Schubert put into musical texture has been awaking under the hands of the pianist, became vivid reality and moved deeply each of the audience.
(Schwaebische Zeitung)

Highly awarded in various contests the pianist revealed her spiritual relationship to the lyrical sound worlds of romanticism. Endowed with clear sense and sensitivity she seems to focus sound energies.
(Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

Sparkling inspiration filled Schumann`s „Kinderszenen“. Within the frame of formal simplicity and sensitive melancholy Yuka Imamine created her highly expressive sound Poetry. Beyond all sentimentality she presented a moving interpretation of the precious small piece of art „Traeumerei“.
(Neue Zuericher Zeitung)

... she revealed a true pianist`s virtue: distinctness in shape and clarity in mind.
(Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten)

... Yuka Imamine suceeded in creating a highly expressive dramatic texture of the music.
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

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